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Sonia Guzman
Integrative Somatic Coach and CEO,
Happy Heart Lovin' Life Inc.

Welcome, I'm so happy you're here!

I trust you're here because you're ready to achieve your goals from a place of ease, joy and abundance. You want to feel empowered and clear your mind to have freedom and energy, which means you are focused and are showing up in the world with purpose.

Sharing your purpose with the world isn't always easy.  I totally get it; I've been there too!  I felt anxious about speaking about my audacious goals, dreams and vision because I was afraid I wouldn't ever get there.  Everything in life was a grind because I didn't even know why I was spending my energy the way I was. I was forced to slow down and heal my body from the severe toll it was taking.  I realized I couldn't continue motivating myself the way I had in the past and that neglecting a balanced life was NOT an option.  Then through a lot of introspection and sitting with myself and looking inward, I questioned everything I had accepted as accurate. I couldn't run from myself anymore. It was entirely up to me to do the deep work, the meditations, slow down and learn just to be, do the inner work to heal and focus the mirror on myself and my growth.  From then on it's been a journey of taping into my limitless potential and this is how I work with clients today.

Along this journey so far, I've helped dozens of clients through hundreds of hours of Integrative Somatic Coaching.  I help them shift their energy into what is truly valuable for them while integrating all parts of them to tap into their wisdom and personal power so they can show up from a place of abundance and presence. Now they achieve new levels of impact, performance and growth in their lives and businesses.

As a Mastery Method Certified Coach, I focus on five levels of awareness. The Somatic, Emotional, Behavioural, Thoughts and the Unconscious.  Along with various modalities including Breathwork, and neuro-rewiring, I've created a proprietary framework to support my clients with my Happy Heart Impact Elevation Journey.  We start by anchoring your vision of what's most inspiring for you. We identify your values and build a roadmap to create what you truly want while using the inner blocks as stepping stones to growing your edge along the way.

Now, it has become my life's mission to help even more individuals like you that need to reconnect with your hearts mission, your internal wisdom, your personal power and limitless potential so you can "Dare To Make A Monumental Impact" as you make exponential progress towards achieving your vision with freedom and joy along the way.

If you too feel called to discover how to live this life with epic purpose, I would love to help you co-create your life and vision so you can genuinely step into your most essential dreams...WITHOUT burnout and WITH tools to manage anxiety along the way.